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About Us

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Sweet Dreams



As a luxury catering company our aim is to give our audience a one of a kind live experience of thrilling dough dropping flipping fun! We at Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts have a vision to bring together family and friends from the United States to across the world. We set the trend to illuminate smiles everywhere we go and leave our followers with a childhood thought that is confirmed - Sweet Dreams are real…

We at Sweet Dreams provide catering services with the use of our donut “The Dream” machine.  In an hour we are able to whip up at least 1,200 gourmet mini donuts right at your event.  Your guests can eat these treats right off the serving plates or we can package them in customized bags as a party favor for you and your guests to take home at the end of the event.

We also provide additional services such as:

  • Donuts for Grown Ups - liquor infused mini donuts
  • Dream Treats - with the help of the Donutologist, customize your own mini donuts and flavors
  • Topping Stations - let your guests choose from a variety of flavors out of a self serve toppings bar

The Donutologist

About Todd

Todd Jones aka the Donutologist is no stranger to the donut world. With over 40 years experience in the donut business, the Donutologist is well known for his tasty mini donut treats all over the world.  His Sweet Dreams catering company and Cuzins Duzins bakery has provided delicious mini gourmet donuts for high profile clients such as Google, Twitter and the Hard Rock Cafe.

Continuing the journey, The Donutologist has made his way to Atlanta, GA pursing the dream of building a billion dollar global company. His Partner and Sales Manager, Easy Glazed of Sweet Dreams Mini Donuts will continue to run operations in NYC as The Donutologist begins to sweep the south by storm..